Our mantra is – Bridge Easy

We believe that bridging should be a simple and effective option to grow your project. If you are considering bridging your project to multiple chains – then look no further!

BSC, ETH, FTM, MATIC, AVAX and CRO chains are all open to you through our incredible bridging options. However, this is just the beginning, the team are constantly adding more chains with more posibilities.


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    Catoshi is being positioned to be a major force in cross chain compatibility. We foresee the next wave of crypto projects utilising the interoperability of multiple chains.

    Catoshi is opening the door for any cryptocurrency project to smoothly and effectively add high-value utility for token holders — proving, in the dawning age of DeFi, that innovative projects can operate with the powerful backing of a proactive, highly engaged community.

    The CZATS holders will soon have access to multi token staking! Catoshi will provide the ability to earn tokens from all bridged projects through our unique staking pools.

The Crossing Go to The Crossing

Introducing Catoshi’s fully decentralised cross-chain bridge, The Crossing.
Due to a partnership with Chainge Finance, The Crossing uses advanced technology and aggregated
liquidity pools totalling more than $70b.

This enables users of The Crossing to bridge 17 chains, 1400+ tokens as well as stable coins.
Easy to use with an intuitive interface The Crossing makes bridging easy for the user, with the
complex processes working behind the scenes.

Our decentralised cross-chain bridge is powered by Fusion’s Distributed Control Rights
Management (DCRM) technology that also powers Chainge. It was built to address cross-chain
interoperability through a decentralised custodian model.

Safety is still Catoshi’s primary concern. DCRM is a step above any other decentralised
bridging systems. One that has never been hacked or exploited. One that brings forth a “true”
interoperability model based on cryptographic concepts.

This decentralised bridge, together with our centralised bridge options, will fuel the bridge fee
rewards that will be at the core of our bridge fee staking platform that is currently in development.

We have also built many whitelabel bridges – here are a few you may want to check out:

Croge BridgeVolta BridgeElonGoat Bridge

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    It enables low-cost transfers while:

    A) Allowing staking and high-APY farming via our partners PADSwap and Pangolin.

    B) Increasing token demand as supply is locked in these farms.

    C) Allowing those who find the Ethereum blockchain too expensive to use, to purchase the token elsewhere.

    D) Each bridged token receives a full audit via our partners at Spade.

    Tokens will also be available on more chains as The Crossing grows. We will not be limited to EVM chains!

    We also offer a bespoke white label bridging service!

    A bespoke bridge integrated into your website, with your own branding and style.

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Catoshi Roadmap

Catoshi Phase 1 Phase 1
Q4 2021 - Q1 2022
- Add to team ✓
- Partnership with Padswap ✓
- Onboard 5-10 projects ✓
- Facilitate creation of 5-10 farming pools
- ETH-BSC bridge ✓
- FTM-BSC bridge ✓
- BSC-AVAX bridge ✓
- BSC-Sol bridge
Catoshi Phase 2 Phase 2
Q2 2022 - Q3 2022
- Onboard 50 projects
- Facilitate creation of 50 farming pools
- Add 5 new chains ✓
- Whitelabel bridging ✓
- Release NFT utility and staking
- Add spotlighting and community governance voting
Catoshi Phase 3 Phase 3
Q4 2022 - Q1 2023
- Create brand new type of DEX
- Onboard 100 projects
- 1 million in daily volume through the bridge
- Partner with new upcoming chains
- Run marketing and advertising opportunities through our website, rewarding holders
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  • BSC is the mother chain of the Catoshi token (after migrating from ETH being the main chain)

    The Catoshi token has a 0% tax on BSC. Buyers are able to trade freely without worrying about losing out to tax. This is a welcome respite from all of the high tax tokens on the market currently.

    CZATS trades on PADSwap’s pioneering platform, with opportunities available for holders to further benefit from their DPLP farms with high daily yield.

    There are 11 million CZATS in total on BSC. No more than 6 million can be moved to any of the other chains.

    The maximum supply can never exceed 11 million across all chains!

    CZATS on PADSwap and on Pancake Swap.

  • CATS was initially launched on Ethereum with its own twist on the classic RFI code — rewriting the code from scratch to include a 6% tax (3% redistribution to holders, 2% burn, and 1% to a charity wallet).

    Due to the 2% burn, the already-low supply of CATS is decreasing; and due to the 3% redistribution, holders are able to watch their own holdings grow.

    CATS trades on Uniswap.


  • If you’re buying, you won’t have to worry about a tax rate anymore, because the Catoshi token has a 0% tax on FTM.

    CATS (FTM) trades on Shiba Fantom and Spooky Swap. With the opportunity to farm CATS/BNB LP to earn BONE tokens on Shiba Fantom.

    CATS on Shiba Fantom and Spooky Swap.

  • For AVAX and all future EVM chains CATS will have the same tokenomics, with a 3% tax.

    The breakdown of this being – 1% marketing, 1% development, 1% auto LP.

    We feel this small tax to all future chains will hep us improve and grow the project.